How to complete a costume with a crocheted beanie

Not only are these beanies cute and amazing, but they don’t have to just be worn to keep your head warm or as an everyday beanie. These beanies are also great to help complete a costume. I originally thought that these beanies I crocheted would be great for geeks to show off or represent their fandom. As Halloween started to approach last year I realized these crocheted beanies could be used for more. First off this is a new unique way for kids or adults dressing up to finish their costume for either Halloween or any other event where they […]

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Having fun at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience

This past weekend I attended Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience. I had such an amazing time. The main reason why I was there was to obviously run my booth and sell items; however I was also super excited to be able to meet Norman Reedus. I am a huge Walking Dead fan, especially a Daryl Dixon fan. My family and I was set to meet him and get our picture taken with him. To our dismay he cancelled on Wednesday, which crushed my dreams of getting to meet him (at least for now). This meant that I was just going […]

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Super Mario Smash Bros Beanie Returns

    Back in November I had a customer at my full time job come in and notice that I was crocheting. She asked me about what I was crocheting and I told her a beanie. I can’t remember exactly what beanie I was crocheting at the time, but I was crocheting. I told her that I make custom beanies as well. At this point she got so excited and asked me if I could crochet a beanie with the Super Mario Smash Bros logo on it. I had no clue what she was talking about and she had to […]

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Gotta keep those nerd hands warm with crocheted cup gloves!

After I attended Salt Lake Comic Con last September I knew I wanted to attend and sell at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience this upcoming weekend. As I was preparing for this event my daughter told me I needed to have a few different items with different prices, making it easier for kids to purchase my items at Comic Con. I had searched all over Pinterest for more crochet ideas and I finally came across some cute crocheted cup cozies, I call them cup gloves. I found so many different styles and so many different fandoms represented by these cup […]

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How did I make an Elmo crocheted beanie?

Back in October my daughter, who helps me manage the business aspects while I crochet, started to join a lot of yard sale pages in the community on Facebook, she also started to join geek/nerd and cosplay pages as well. We were watching for people looking for crocheted items or people who were looking for themed items that I could make a beanie out of. We found a lady who was doing just that, she was looking for Elmo items for her son. My daughter asked me if I could make an Elmo beanie, I told her I thought it […]

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7 Crocheted Items Any Nerd/Geek Needs

I may not be the biggest geek, but my daughter is. She is a Potterhead (Harry Potter fan). Anything Harry Potter she finds, she buys. Now I do like Batman and I buy Batman things, but there are fans who will buy anything that represents their fandom, my daughter is this type. These items are items that any nerd/geek needs to buy. These items you will not regret buying and will actually want to go out and buy more of. Here are 7 things that every nerd/geek needs to buy. This first item is a fandom beanie. The picture is of […]

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Helping Browncoats survive one Jayne Hat at a time

Last September I attended Salt Lake Comic Con. Not only was this my first big event, it WAS my first event. I had little to no idea what to expect at this event, but I am glad I did it. It was a great learning experience and I would not have learned the same things I did there at any other events. While I was preparing for Comic Con I had my family of geeks helping me decide which beanies to make. We had come up with a long list and I made what I could. However, I still came up short […]

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome I want all of you to be able to see the progress of how I make these items.

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