How to crochet stitches needed for beanies

Want to make a basic beanie, but need to know the stitches? Watch this video to learn what stitches are needed. Also learn step by step how to do the stitches. Ever heard of a magic ring? Learn about that in the video as well.

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Working in the handcrafted business

After having worked in the handcrafting business for a little over a year now, I have noticed that this business is very inconsistent. For the first little while you can not rely on Internet sales to maintain your business. You really have to work boutiques and other shows to provide the necessary profits. Working these boutiques gets your name out there and helps people see the quality in person, many times pictures don’t do the product justice. Even while doing events the traffic and amount of sales is very inconsistent. You are not able to predict what items are going […]

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What’s coming and inspiration from FanX

If there is one thing I always learn from attending events, especially events like Salt Lake Comic Con, it is that people always want more. No matter what kind of variety I have there are still people that come up asking if I have a style that I have yet to make or have not thought to make. In some ways this is good, while in others it is a bad thing. First off the good side of it: no matter how much of a geek my daughters are, they still can’t know everything that people are going to like. […]

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