How did I make an Elmo crocheted beanie?


Back in October my daughter, who helps me manage the business aspects while I crochet, started to join a lot of yard sale pages in the community on Facebook, she also started to join geek/nerd and cosplay pages as well. We were watching for people looking for crocheted items or people who were looking for themed items that I could make a beanie out of. We found a lady who was doing just that, she was looking for Elmo items for her son. My daughter asked me if I could make an Elmo beanie, I told her I thought it would be a breeze to make, of course it’s usually the ones that I think will be the easiest to make that are a pain in the butt. We told the lady we could make it and asked if she had any ideas of how she would like the beanie to look and what age he was. She was so ecstatic that I would be able to make a crocheted beanie for her that looked like her son’s favorite character. The customer just wanted it to look like Elmo, so I had creative freedom, and that her son was about to be five years old and that she wanted it for his birthday.

At first I tried to look at pictures of Elmo beanies other people had crocheted. I didn’t really like any that I had found so I just decided to wing it. The beanie itself is always the easiest, but the accessories are where the perfectionist in me comes out. I do my best to make the beanies look as much like the character as possible. The first part of the beanie I had to make was the eyes. When I was looking at pictures of Elmo beanies other people had crocheted, there were some with eyes that stood up off the top of the head. This gave the beanie the affect that the eyes were flat and not bulging off of his face like his eyes actually are. BeFunky CollageI did not like how this looked, I thought that it looked weird and too two-dimensional. How was someone supposed to know this was Elmo without me telling them? The full affect of Elmo is not captured with the flat eyes. When making his eye I had to crochet even smaller versions of his nose, but in white. I then had to determine how big the black part of the eye should be, it had to be the perfect size and proportionate to the rest of his eye. This part was then cut out of felt and glued on to the rest of the eye.

The next thing I crocheted on the beanie was the nose. File_001 (2)Elmo’s nose is his most distinctive feature, second to his voice. His nose is big, rounded and sticks up way off of his face. I had made a nose similar to this when I made a Scooby-Doo beanie. The only difference was that
Scooby’s nose was huge compared to Elmo’s, so Elmo’s nose had to be just a bit smaller and, of course, it had to be orange.

At this time, I had to decide whether or not I wanted to put on a mouth that would represent Elmo’s signature smile. I wasn’t sure whether the mouth was going to look right or whether it was going to look weird. I decided to send a picture of the Elmo beanie to the customer to see what she thought, she thought it was adorable and said her son would love it. As my family and I continued to look at the Elmo beanie, we kept thinking it was missing something. I decided to cut out a mouth just to see how it would look. After cutting it out and temporarily placing the mouth on the beanie I showed it to my family. We all agreed the mouth was IMG_20151216_171243159cute and necessary to complete the beanie. It looked just like Elmo!

The hardest part about making these beanies is trying to determine what size to make the beanie. That was one problem I faced with this beanie. We met up with the customer to deliver the beanie, since it was local. She was going to try it on her son, but he was asleep and she didn’t want to wake him. During their drive home she messaged me and asked me if I would be able to make her an Elsa beanie. After they got home, she tried it on him and it was a little too short. She asked if we could make it longer, of course we could!

The easiest way to know what size to make is to find out the age of the customer or who they are buying it for. This eliminates the process of the customer having to measure their head or the person who they are buying it for’s head. However, there are people whose heads are not the average size for their age. This is where the problem lies. She loved the beanie so much that after we dropped it off to her she asked me if I could make her an Elsa beanie. Let me know what you think of the beanie and make sure to subscribe to my blog for a special coupon to use on my Etsy site. Also, make sure to like my Facebook page for more content and exclusive offers.

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