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SLCC 2015

Last September I attended Salt Lake Comic Con. Not only was this my first big event, it WAS my first event. I had little to no idea what to expect at this event, but I am glad I did it. It was a great learning experience and I would not have learned the same things I did there at any other events. While I was preparing for Comic Con I had my family of geeks helping me decide which beanies to make. We had come up with a long list and I made what I could. However, I still came up short in products that the customers wanted. This was great though because as people asked me if I had a certain item I would write it down to make for upcoming events. As the weekend went on I kept getting more and more ideas, but one item was the most sought after: the Jayne Hat. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Jayne is a character from Firefly. Firefly was cancelled after one season which devastated all the Browncoats (fans of Firefly). There is one thing that the fans hold onto and it is the Jayne Hat or some may call it the Cunning Hat.


When I began making this beanie I looked at other Jayne Hat’s that had been made by different crocheters/knitters. Many of the hats were too bright or didn’t have the right fit to them. I had personally never seen the show before, so as I started to make the beanie, I had to go watch the show to see what the beanie looked like on Jayne himself. The first thing I noticed was the color, it had a duller color, what I would call 70’s colors, than others were using. The next thing I noticed was that the beanie was not fully fitted to his head, it stood up slightly off his head. I knew those were the two key points I had to make sure my beanie had.

I knew the hardest part was going to be trying to find the right colors to match the beanie. After many hours looking through my yarn at home I realized I had no colors that would work for this specific beanie. My go to store is always Micheal’s, they are close by and usually have what I am looking for. However, after searching at Micheal’s, with the picture in one hand and my OCD daughter helping me look for the correct colors, we couldn’t find anything. The next stop was JoAnns, it was very easy to find the yellow and the orange, but trying to find that specific type of brick red was not working. I thought I had found the perfect shade of red until I got home and everyone told me it was the wrong color. Thankfully, that day we had to go to Orem, where there is another JoAnns. As we went into JoAnns I had more of an idea of what I was looking for. I knew it had to be darker than the one I found with a little bit more brown. Walking down a couple of aisles of yarn I couldn’t find the color. I had one more aisle left and lucky for me there was the perfect color on the bottom shelf.

Now that aIMG_20160303_212730708ll the colors had been found I could start working on the beanie. I knew that this was going to be the easy part. I had made a whole bunch of beanies before and making this part was going to be the same as all the others. All I had to do with the beanie was make it a little taller/longer than the other beanies so that it stands higher up off of the wearers head.

The next part is slightly more difficult: creating the ear flaps. Upon first look it seemed like the ear flaps were thick and bulky. After creating the ear flaps bulky I felt like they were too bulky. I then took another look at the Jayne Hat and realized the reason it looks so bulky is because it curves around on the edges. The final part of the beanie was the puff ball on the top of the head. This was even easier than the beanie itself. After all the pieces were made everything was attached. Now remember I am not a Browncoat, which means I am not as critical as they are. I AM very critical of my work and I want it to be perfect. So, of course I had to post a picture of the beanie in a Comic Con group page on Facebook to find out what the true Browncoats think. To my relief I got some amazing feedback!


I am so happy to show you guys the finished product to see what YOU guys think. Let me know what you think in the comments and make sure to subscribe to my blog to receive all my blog posts. If you would like to purchase this beanie click here and it will take you to my Etsy site or you can click here to view my Facebook page. I also take custom orders through my Etsy site as well as through email at


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