Super Mario Smash Bros Beanie Returns

Super Mario



Super Mario Smash BrosBack in November I had a customer at my full time job come in and notice that I was crocheting. She asked me about what I was crocheting and I told her a beanie. I can’t remember exactly what beanie I was crocheting at the time, but I was crocheting. I told her that I make custom beanies as well. At this point she got so excited and asked me if I could crochet a beanie with the Super Mario Smash Bros logo on it. I had no clue what she was talking about and she had to show me a picture. After I saw the picture I knew it would be a breeze to make. Not only did she want the beanie, but she also wanted the beanie to have ear flaps on it, this was going to be a piece of cake to make. I went through and crocheted the basic black beanie to begin. After I was done with that I decided to look at other crocheted Super Mario Smash Bros beanies to see what they did. If you can’t tell I usually don’t like the ones I find online, but I take the concept and change what I don’t like to something that I would like. Anyway I decided I was going to crochet a huge red circle and add the black lines on with felt. The next thing I had to do was to add the ear flaps, these are super easy to make and after crocheting the first beanie with ear flaps and knowing where exactly to put the ear flaps on the beanie, there is no struggle at all. After I placed it all together I fell in love with it and knew that this was going to be a great finished project. Once I was finished with the beanie I took it into work so I could show her the finished product. When she finally came in I showed it to her and she squealed with joy, she knew that her son was going to love it. She loved the beanie so much she paid me more than I was asking, even after I tried to decline she insisted and I reluctantly accepted.

Captain Falcon

She is a regular at my other job, so every time she would come in I would have to ask her if her son liked it. She kept on telling me she hadn’t given it to him yet. Eventually, she ended up telling me that her son competes in tournaments for Super Mario Smash Bros and that she was going to give it to him right before his tournament for good luck. The week after his tournament when she came in I asked her what her son thought of the beanie. She told me he loved it and wore it all day long and that all the other kids loved it as well. She made a point of letting me know that she was going to come up with more ideas for beanies for me to crochet. After a month or so I wasn’t worried about whether she was going to come in with some new idea for me or not. Then out of the blue she shows up one day asking me if I could crochet a Captain Falcon beanie. What??? Again she had to show me a picture, I am not a video gamer so when she asked me for these I had no clue. After she showed me the picture I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to make it. I told her to let me go home and do some more research to see if it is something I would be able to do.

I went home that day and did some more research on the character. I figured out what colors I would need and how I would crochet the beanie to look like a helmet. The part I wasn’t sure on was the falcon logo, I knew the only way I was going to get that done was if I cut it out of felt. There is too much detail that trying to crochet the falcon would make it look really cheesy. The next time I saw the customer I asked her if she was alright with me cutting the falcon logo out of felt. At first she kind of laughed, because she thought it was obvious that it was going to be made out of felt. Now that all of that was out of the way, I could start crocheting the beanie. I made the beanie red like the helmet, she also wanted ear flaps, so the ear flaps were red as well. To give it the effect of the yellow domes on the helmet, I crocheted yellow circles to put on the ear flaps. For me to make the falcon and give it all the details the falcon has I used a fabric marker to sketch it out and draw on the felt for the details. I put it all together and showed it to the customer, she was just as much in love with this one as she was the first one. She again paid me more than I asked her for, but at this point I knew there was no arguing with her. About a week later she came back in a said her son loved this new beanie even more than the first one I crocheted.

She says she is going to think of more ideas for me to crochet and I will keep you updated on the projects she gives me. Make sure to follow my blog for an exclusive coupon for my Etsy site. Also like my Facebook page for other exclusive offers and updates.

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