Wacky Warrior Tournament 2016

As you may know my youngest daughter plays on an accelerated softball team. I love to watch her play and to watch the team succeed. However, one of the things I love the most is the annual Wacky Warrior charity tournament her team competes in. This tournament is tournament to raise money for Wacky Warriors. Wacky Warriors is a charity that raises awareness and helps children and young adults who are suffering from cancer.


Every team who competes in this tournament is assigned a Cancer Cutie. This year our Cancer Cutie was a girl named Stacia. When we were assigned Stacia, we were sent an email that contained her favorite things. I was so ecstatic to see that some of he favorite things are Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, and Anime. I knew I would have to make something for her.

My daughter who plays softball is also a HUGE anime fan, so she told me I had to at least make her Sailor Moon crocheted gloves. I wanted to make her something else as well, so I though about the idea of making her a tardis hobo bag. In the end I just decided to make her a matching Sailor Moon crocheted slouchy beanie.


File_005 (2)The tournament is a three day event starting on Thursday night with a skills challenge. Our team invited Stacia to come watch the skills challenge and our games on Friday and Saturday. She was only able to make it Thursday night and Friday. At the skills challenge the team gave Stacia a matching shirt, softball pants, black socks, a team hoodie, a team pin, a softball string backpack, the Sailor Moon gloves, and the Sailor Moon beanie.


At the Friday games she wore the beanie and gloves. She was so excited about them and loved them so much. She even said Sailor Moon is one of her favorite anime! She couldn’t stop smiling all day long. She is the most upbeat and positive person I have ever met. She had always wanted to hit a ball before, but she didn’t think she would be any good. After the team had warmed up she went out and hit a few pitches off of the tee, she was pretty good!

At the beginning of our first game she threw out the first pitch. She couldn’t have been more excited. She stayed and watched two of the games before they had to leave. As they were leaving I had to make sure I got some pictures of Stacia with her amazing spirit and admiring her new crocheted gloves and beanie!

This was an amazing experience for the team and I. I am so glad the girls get the opportunity to help others. If you would like to see more about Stacia and her family find them on Facebook at Eight Miracles.

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