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If there is one thing I always learn from attending events, especially events like Salt Lake Comic Con, it is that people always want more. No matter what kind of variety I have there are still people that come up asking if I have a style that I have yet to make or have not thought to make. In some ways this is good, while in others it is a bad thing. First off the good side of it: no matter how much of a geek my daughters are, they still can’t know everything that people are going to like. By having these customers come up and ask me for certain characters I can get a good idea of what other people like as well. This will help me expand my inventory and broaden the types of fandoms I sell to. Now to the bad side: normally customers would take a card and order online or make a custom order onsite. However, at Salt Lake Comic Con there was another lady who has a booth that sells crocheted beanies as well. This allows customers who can’t find what they are looking for from me to go over to her booth and see if she has what they are looking for.

There is no consistent demand, the characters that are popular now will not always be popular. When someone asks me for a certain style of beanie I try and make that one for the next event I do. The requests I got while at Salt Lake Comic Con was: Louise’s hat, Daredevil, Dobby, Bearded Beanie, Fez, and an Evil Minion.

Louise Hat

Louise from Bob’s Burgers


Daredevil from the Netflix series


Dobby from Harry Potter

Bearded Beanie

Bearded Beanie


Fez from Doctor Who

Evil Minion

Evil Minion from Despicable Me 2

So what’s coming next?

Since I got an order for the Daredevil one I am definitely going to crochet that one. I will also be making a Dobby one, my daughter has been trying to convince me to make one for the past year and since I have now been asked for one, I will crochet it. I am also going to make the Evil Minion because Minions are really popular and well, I just love Minions! As for the crocheted bearded beanie and the fez hat I am not sure if I will make them. I would like to crochet the bearded beanie, but it is difficult to know the size of the face to know how far down the beard needs to start and how big the hole needs to be for the face. I might think about the fez, it seems like an interesting thing to make, but I am not sure how it would turn out. For about a year my daughter has been asking me to make her a Harry Potter blanket and I may be able to start working on that.

I also have a huge list of to do that my family says I should make. There are also a whole lot on that list that I want to make. I really want to make a Mermaid tail, because that is something unique and different I have found pictures of it on Facebook, Pinterest, and other places online, but I have yet to find someone who is selling one. This is something that many little girls will want, not only because most little girls love mermaids, but because it also gives them the chance to dress up like Princess Ariel and ever girl wants to dress up as a princess.
Mermaid Tail - Copy

Hobo Bag

A crocheted hobo bag is another item I would like to make. It is another thing that is different than what other people make. The hobo bags would also be geeky/nerdy themed, my daughter and I have had a very difficult time find bags with a geeky/nerdy theme. The only place that you can find bags like that is at Hot Topic and even there they have a very limited selection of the types of bags you can buy. Hobo Bag

Diaper Covers

Another thing I would like to make is some geeky/nerdy diaper covers. Geeks grow up and pass the obsession onto their kids. When they do have kids they need some way to help the parents express their fandom. Batman and Superman are a few of the baby fandom clothes found at retailers. This would help more parents express their fandoms through their kids.Diaper Cover

Now that Comic Con is over I can talk a little break. I have to make the custom orders I received at Comic Con, after that I can breath easy for about a week. This is the time for me to start making new designs and coming up with new ideas. So I am going to ask you guys: What beanie do you think I should crochet next? Not only do I want to know what beanie to crochet next, I want to know the next item to make.

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