Working in the handcrafted business

After having worked in the handcrafting business for a little over a year now, I have noticed that this business is very inconsistent. For the first little while you can not rely on Internet sales to maintain your business. You really have to work boutiques and other shows to provide the necessary profits. Working these boutiques gets your name out there and helps people see the quality in person, many times pictures don’t do the product justice.

Even while doing events the traffic and amount of sales is very inconsistent. You are not able to predict what items are going to be best sellers and which items are going to be flops. In September at Salt Lake Comic Conmy Batman beanies were a huge seller, but at FanX I only sold one Batman beanie. On the other hand all my big sellers at FanX were none of the ones that sold well at Comic Con, they were all my new designs. These are great examples of how demand is inconsistent and unpredictable. Also FanX is so much smaller than Comic Con is and I had more traffic and sales at FanX than I had at Comic Con. These are things that I had to learn about the business the hard way, maybe I can help you to know what to expect (or not expect) in the hand crafting business and help you be more prepared in your ventures.

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